How to be more productive?

Welcome in 2016!

Everybody starts new year with some New Year’s resolutions. I want to be more productive at work. So here is a list of things which I discovered and they helped me a lot.

Pomodoro Technique

You should definitly try it. It’s excellent. Just watch a movie on it’s website.


I wrote a post about it earlier. I recommend you to create an account and download the Chrome extension.

With account you can store your sound combinations. Share them with others. Use the timer (one pomodoro by default). Make notes in simple editor.

The extension will give you quick access to your favorite combos and to the timer.

There is also app for iOS. Android app is not finished yet.

One screen

I have a laptop, and I always used it as a second screen. I had Mail and other “not important” stuff always opened on it. In this year I closed the lid of my laptop and viola. Now I’m more productive.

Why? Because I’m focusing on one point instead of two. Also my “not important”  apps went on the second desktop so they are no longer distracting me. Only browser, editor and terminal are now opened on the first desktop. Keep it simple, stupid 🙂

Do not disturb mode

While you are working on your pomodoro you want to focus on it. E-mails and other things can wait. So why not disabling the notifications? You can read e-mails and messages after finishing the current pomodoro 🙂 Bear in mind that this also applies to your smartphone and smartwatch (and other stuff which can distract you).


It is a simple software which will change the colour temperature of your display according to your current location and time. Just give it a try. You will see a difference. Now I’m sleeping better and my eyes are less tired. Pretty clever piece of software.


Simple software which will allow you to track what you are doing and how productive you are. I used it by myself for a while. It is working.

Ergonomically Correct Workstation

There are thousands of articles about this topic. What you need to do is to find position which suits you best. I have replaced the office chair with fitness ball. My laptop keyboard and touchpad were replaced by full keyboard and big mouse. Small things but makes big difference.


You want to be productive? Go get some sleep. I’m not joking. I’m sleeping at least  8 hours. You had a busy day? You need more sleep. Try it. Rested employee = productive employee. Simple 🙂


This is not a rocket science. These are simple things. Very easy to introduce. Give them a chance. You will not regret.

Got other tips? Feel free to comment. Thanks!