Vagrant and NFS – problems?


Recently I heard that using NFS is much faster than default shared folders in the Vagrant with VirtualBox. After some research I started to upgrade my Vagrantfile. Here is snippet how to make you shared partition NFS type:

config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/my-project", type: "nfs"

And that’s all!


Yesterday I had a problem. When I tried to up the vagrant it failed. My recent changes (I changed the username on my OS X) broke something in the NFS configuration. Quick search and found the solution. Seems that I had wrong entries in the file /etc/exports. Here is bash fix:

sudo rm /etc/exports
sudo touch /etc/exports

After that all works like a charm 🙂

The machine started to work very fast. It should be set as a default sharing method…


PS. If you are working on the Windows, try a plugin


Cheers, Damian.