ZSA Voyager – buying & waiting

Hello there 👋🏻. Welcome to the second part of my article series about the keyboard. This time I would like to describe the buying, awaiting till to unboxing the product. So, as you know from the first article in this series, I decided to buy a split columnar keyboard, which is ZSA Voyager.

All articles in this series:

  1. Why I switched to the split columnar keyboard
  2. ZSA Voyager – buying & waiting
  3. ZSA Voygare – unboxing and the first impressions

Why ZSA? It is one of the most known companies that produce ergonomic keyboards. They are quite an established company, which sells plenty of keyboards. They started in 2015. Besides the Voyager, they also have different split keyboards like Moonlander Mark 1 and Ergodox EZ 🧑‍💻

ZSA Ergodox EZ

When you visit the ZSA website, you will find a beautiful, intuitive website that clearly shows what you can expect when you buy their product. There is a comparison tool that will help you to choose a proper keyboard. Lastly, I would like to mention the printables. Ah, they are amazing – just print the keyboard on paper and try it on your own to see whether it will fit your hands 🙌.

Although I could end up here, I would like to emphasize the rest of their webpage, which is packed with information, about the switches, keycaps, layouts (like Dvorak, Colemak), ergonomics etc. Finally, it is worth mentioning their blog where you can find a lot of interviews with people who bought their keyboards. I found such information very valuable and they made me confident before buying 🎯.

Before finishing this short article, I move on to focus on the purchase experience. In the checkout process, there is a field that allows you to add any notes/questions to your order. I wrote that I am concerned about the usage of the laptop keyboard vs the Voyager. I had doubts that I wouldn’t be able to use the regular old-fashioned keyboard. To my surprise I’ve received a response from the company CEO, here it is:

As you have to wait for the keyboard quite long (the delivery took around 20 days), the company sends multiple emails with an introduction to their software and the customization. They even encourage us to make the first changes in the keyboard layout, as it is doable without the keyboard itself via Oryx software.

Stay tuned for the next part where I will cover the unboxing and the first impressions!