Obrazek wyróżniający - jezioro

Learning mindfulnes

Howdy, some time has passed since I wrote the last message 👋

I was enjoying the #vacations, but, also learning something new 🎁

The thing that I was #learning/enjoying is #mindfulness 🧘🏻‍♂️

This is a technique which always you to take control of your thoughts 🧠

There are many situations where your thoughts are distracting you or prevent the #focus 🤯


When you have finished the working day, but your brain still is there, thinking about that task you did not finish 😑

You had an intensive block of focus work, you were coding for a few hours. But now you have a meeting, but somehow your head is not listening. Your mind is still in the #zone 👨🏻‍💻

Or you are still stressed after the presentation you just did 😬

But, how to do it?

Sit or lay down comfortably 🛋🛏. Close your eyes!

Set the timer, I do 5 minutes. Small but enough 5️⃣

Start breathing deeply. Catch the air through the nose and then use the mouth to let it go.

Count the breaths. From 10 to 1. Doing it backwards will ensure that you are focused 😤

You can also focus on your heartbeats. Count them. Focus on how hard it is pushing blood 🤎

Another thing is to observe your thoughts, as they appear. Just observe them and name them. “Ah, now I am thinking about the family. Now about the task I did not finish.”

Recognise that you do not have to take any action right now 💆🏻‍♂️

Look for new thoughts as they arrive. You will probably reach the state when there will be no new thoughts. Relax then and enjoy a free mind.

Sometimes I focus on my body.

How stable I am lying because of gravity. How hard it pulls me to the ground.

I scan my body, from top to down. Look for places that are tired or stressed.

If your mind starts to wander then begin again, from the breathing and counting.

There are more techniques. If you know what works for you, please share it. I wanna also try it! 👍

As you will do this more often you will realise that it gets easier. Kinda like muscle memory 💪

I can recommend this to anybody.

Do it in the morning. After work. Before going to bed. On vacations. After the gym. You name it.

Have a great week 😎